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Mushroom Spotter's Deck box with whimsical illustrations of mushrooms on a grassy hillside
Sample mushrooms from the Mushroom Spotter's Deck: Amethyst Deceiver, Beefsteak Mushroom, and Candy Cap

Mushroom Spotter's Deck


Complete with 78 cards, each featuring a watercolor painting of a mushroom on the front and an engaging description on the back—including identifying characteristics, fun facts, and a dash of mystical mushroom wisdom—this deck is an invitation to notice and appreciate the mysterious world of fungi. An accompanying booklet includes a brief introduction to mushrooms, a glossary of terms, plus guidance on how to use the cards: display them as art or keep them on hand during your nature walks! Packaged in an attractive, portable box, this playful and informative deck is a must-have for mushroom lovers of all varieties. From the author of the bestselling Cat Tarot deck, artist Megan Lynn Kott is multi-talented artist whose beautiful and whimsical artwork is highly coveted, and for good reason! An avid mushroom enthusiast, she now brings her special touch to this irresistibly unique field guide.