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Navy blue cover of Nasty Astrology with silver lion and ram illustration

Nasty Astrology: What Your Astrologer Won't Tell You!


Aren’t you bored with all the astrology books that tell you what a nice person everyone is? Don’t you know, deep down, that there are some very unpleasant aspects to all our characters? Wouldn’t you like to know the truth about the other signs? What makes them tick? What their dark little secrets are? Exploring exactly what hidden demons lurk within other people’s psyches, Nasty Astrology reveals all the unspoken truths about people’s star signs. In this wonderfully nasty book you learn the truth about the personalities of your friends, lovers, boss, colleagues, and even yourself. Lifting the lid on real astrology, you can know what everybody around you really thinks and feels, about their secrets and motivations, and how to push their buttons. With humor, wit, and no holds barred (no, really), author Richard MacDonald unveils saucy secrets, motivations, and the unspeakable traits of the zodiac. Hardcover; 96 pages.