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Rectangular No Mo-Stache wax strips tin with black lettering and mustache graphic
No Mo-Stache wax strips tin shown slid open to partially reveal strips inside
No Mo-Stache wax strip and tin
White and pink post-wax aloe cream packet

No Mo-Stache - No Mo-Stache Hair Removal Kit


As seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Getting ready for your tinder date and have a little peach fuzz above your lip? Here is a nifty tool for you. No Mo-Stache Wax strips are perfect anytime and anywhere. Rub strip in your hands for 20 seconds to heat wax, pull strip apart and apply to skin, hold skin taut, and pull opposite of hair growth. Apply aloe cream post wax to leave your skin happy and smooth. And now you're ready for your big date!