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Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Vented Combo Brush.
Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Combo Paddle Brush.
Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Large Paddle Brush

Olivia Garden - Healthy Hair Paddle Brush

  • Ionic Combo
  • Ionic Large
  • Ionic Vented

Healthy hair. Healthy planet.

Olivia Garden’s Healthy Hair Paddle is a collection of eco-friendly natural bamboo ionic paddle brushes.

Professional Brush Made from Bamboo
• Bamboo is stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood
• Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource
• Using bamboo preserves hardwood forests

Ionic Soft Cushion
• Restores hair balance and shine
• Anti-static
• Antibacterial

Ion Charged Bristles
• Comfortable ball point tips
• Gentle on hair and scalp
• Ergonomic handle

HH-P5 (Ionic Vented): Vented ionic paddle brush
HH-P6 (Ionic Combo): Ionic combo paddle with special blend of ionic bristles and 100% boar bristles
HH-P7 (Ionic Large): Large ionic paddle brush