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Blue glass jar candle with white label featuring colorful wrap-around pills illustration sits against a tiled background and copper faucet
Blue bottle candle with colorful wrap-around pills label
White plastic pill bottle-style cap sits next to pills candle

Pills Pills Pills Candle


This candle is painted by graffiti-influenced New York City street artist, Dirt Cobain, who is mostly known for his controversial “pill bottle” images. Often mistaken for a drug reference, the pill bottle is intended to be a representation of anything that gives you a natural high. Anything that you can’t stop doing, and anything you find yourself addicted to, whether it be love, music, art, or anything else. 

• Notes of tonka bean, copal resin, frankincense, myrrh resin, smoky redwood, and fiery incense
• Childproof plastic cap replicates the true design of a pill bottle
• 2.5” x 5” x 2.5” amber glass vessel with black lid
• 10.5 oz.; 40-60 hour burn time
• Proprietary soy wax blend
• Perfumed essential oils
• Lead-free cotton wick
• Handmade in NYC