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Pot Tarot card deck box with colorful cannabis leaf, rainbow, and sky illustration
Sample card spread from the Pot Tarot deck features Queen of Pipes, The Empress, Page of Buds, Ace of Bongs, and The High Priestess

Pot Tarot: 78 Cards And Guidebook


For thousands of years, cannabis has been used to bring clarity, inspiration, and a higher state of mind to those seeking guidance. Let the cards of Pot Tarot clear the smoke from your eyes as you uncover the past, present, and future in a bright, beautifully illustrated contemporary tarot deck that gives new meaning to the classic archetypes of the 78-card tarot deck. Bring a little mysticism to your 4/20 and a little recreational wisdom to your readings with sample spreads and fun explanations of each card printed in an accompanying booklet. A handy guide for beginners and practiced tarot readers alike, this deck helps readers align with unseen energies and tap into their creativity, healing, and opportunities.