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White ceramic pot with dish says, "Put it where the direct sun don't shine" in black lettering inside a black rectangle
Put It Where the Direct Sun Don't Shine white planter with green plant on colorful backdrop with orange glass orb props
Drip tray shown as lid on top of white pot with black lettering: "Planter + Drip Tray"

Put It Where The Direct Sun Don't Shine Planter With Drip Tray


Put it where the direct sun don't shine.

Give your houseplant a bit of attitude with this heavyweight ceramic planter which features white glaze and…well…some care instructions. Vintage apothecary-inspired design featuring a drain plug and drip tray for those more high-maintenance plants. Measures 5.5”H x 3.75” dia. Doubles as a lidded container if your plant dies and you just give up.