Rosebud Woman - Arouse Stimulating Serum


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Arouse is a delicate stimulating serum for women formulated with beneficial plant extracts, traditional aphrodisiacal ingredients (such as Maca, Damiana, Suma, and Ashwagandha), and natural stimulants (such as Spilanthes Acmella, or Buzz Buttons, used in traditional medicine for oral hygiene and for excitation) to increase blood flow, generate a tingling sensation, and stimulate a natural moisturizing mechanism in women’s overall intimate skin.

Arouse is great for suppleness, moisturizing, stimulating, and lubricating. Use for pure enjoyment, or pre-sex. It can also be used on the lips for a unique sensation.

Please note: Sensation from Arouse will vary by person. Arouse is best used progressively, with or without intercourse, to gradually re-lubricate tissues.

Key Ingredients:

• Apricot Oil has a softening effect and is traditionally used in perfumery and cosmetics

• Musk Rose Oil has a high concentration of antioxidants plus vitamins A and E; Rosehip Seed Oil is known to support skin’s elasticity and promote healing

• Maca Root contains strong-smelling compounds (glucosinolates) known to block the formation of carcinogens; provides nutrients that benefit the endocrine system and regulate hormone levels

How to Use:
Apply 2-3 drops on external folds and creases. Allow to penetrate 5-10 minutes. Tingling, warmth, and plumping will ensue. Try on lips and mouth area to preview the sensation. For use in re-teaching the body self-lubrication daily or as desired.