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Wood paddle with cotton handle on top of a cotton drawstring bag
Side view of a beech wood hand brush with cotton strap

Rosebud Woman - The Perfect Skin Brush


Daybrushing is an excellent all-over body care practice. Light brushing on the skin helps to move lymphatic fluid, clean out debris and toxins in the body, and boost immune function. It stimulates skin, removes dried and dead skin, and brings blood flow to the edges of the body.

• Embossed beachwood handle
• Vegan bristles made from sustainably sourced sisal
• Cotton hand wrap
• Cotton carrying sack

How to Use:
Lightly brush skin of the upper torso toward the lymph nodes in the armpits, then brush the skin of the lower torso toward the lymph nodes in the groin. Make circles around the joints, belly, and backside.