SiO Beauty - FaceLift Overnight Wrinkle Smoothing Patch Pack


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SiO FaceLift patch with packaging
Model wears SiO Beauty FaceLift and neck patches

Pull an all-nighter and still achieve the radiant, rejuvenated skin of your dreams! Comfy, potent, medical grade silicone patches firm, plump, and erase the appearance of telltale aging lines around neck, forehead, and eyes while you sleep. Wake to face the day with totally transformed smooth, radiant, rejuvenated skin.

Includes four (4) 15-use patches: One (1) BrowLift Patch, two (2) Eye & Smile Patches, and one (1) NeckLift Patch.

What’s In It:
100% Medical Grade Silicone creates a micro-climate for skin that encourages moisture to travel to skin’s surface, allowing it to plump, fill in, and smooth itself; meanwhile, collagen is activated and normalized.

How to Use:

1.) Thoroughly cleanse and dry skin before applying the SiO patch. Do not apply any creams or serums underneath patches as they will affect adhesion.

2.) Gently remove the plastic film and position the translucent, self-adhering patch on face as illustrated.

3.) Wear the patch for 6-8 hours while sleeping, or for a few hours during the day.

4.) After use, place patch on the enclosed storage shield, rinse with water and a clear cleanser as desired.

For best results, keep patch(es) free from moisturizer, dust, sunscreen, and hair. If you happen to sweat, simply lift the patch and allow area to dry before reapplying. Patches will naturally lose adhesion over time. Rinsing with water and clear cleanser will help prolong adhesion. For external use only. Should not be used on wounds, cuts, irritated skin, or if you have sensitivity to adhesives or silicone.

SiO FaceLift patch with packaging
Model wears SiO Beauty FaceLift and neck patches