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Purple Spa Gel Gloves box with pink gloves removed and placed in front
Pink fabric gloves with gray thumb, index, and middle fingertips
Model's hands wearing a pair of pink gloves are labeled, "Penetrate Rough Dry Skin and Lock in Moisture" next to before and after insets of results
Model applies moisturizer to back of hand behind an image of pink gloves above the caption, "Use with lotion or cream to increase effectiveness. Wear at least three times each week, but daily use recommended."
Model's had wears a pink moisturizing glove which has been folded upward at the wrist to show the interior and is labeled, "Soft gel interior infused with botanical essential oils and Vitamin E"

Spa Gel Pink Gloves: Rose Essential Oil


Spa Gel Gloves help to renew dry and cracked skin with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and rose essential oil, all infused into a soft gel interior that cushions hands while the fabric exterior allows you to to go about your daily life with touchscreen-compatible fingertips. Gloves may be used alone or with your preferred moisturizer to maximize their effectiveness. For best results, use daily, or at last three times per week. Do not use gloves on wounded or abraded skin. To clean, gently hand wash in cold water and line dry in shade.