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Pink cover of Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic by Vanessa Montgomery features red and purple lettering and planetary designs
Page spread from Star Power features a chapter titled, "Planets" alongside a solar system illustration
Page spread from Star Power features a section titled, "Opposition" with infographics

Star Power: A Simple Guide To Astrology For The Modern Mystic


Become a better modern mystic with the help of this invaluable handbook. Through easy-to-follow chapters, it breaks down all you need to know in order to read your own astrological chart, from the movement and meaning of the planets to understanding what your birth chart reveals about you. Star Power will show you how to make sense of the houses and aspects, allow you to track future planetary shifts, and explain how these can help you know more about yourself, your life, and your future self. You'll find out which star sign you're compatible with, how the universe impacts your approach to love, wealth, creativity, and careers, and ultimately learn to take cosmic control of your universe. Hardcover; 192 pages.