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Sweary Cats: Fractious Felines Who Are Seriously Hissed Off


Cats may have a reputation for being passive and chilled, but the phrase “cool for cats” couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats are some of the angriest animals in the pet kingdom, they’re just very very good at hiding it. For the first time, Sweary Cats reveals the true emotions bubbling under the surface in cats’ anxious lives, whether it’s the failure to receive a variety of moist pouches, getting dressed up in costumes for their owner’s Christmas cards, or being taken to the vet—again. Over 60 different cats reveal their frank thoughts on a variety of topics from fine dining to The Sound of Music—there’s no holding back when the claws are out. All kinds of domestic scenes are covered: cats in the bedroom, cats in the kitchen, cats in trees, cats in pipelines, cats leading orchestras, and the inevitable cat sticking its nose in the litter tray. Hardcover; 128 pages.