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Black cover of Tarot: A Guide to Understanding Card Meaning and Spreads features purple lettering and illustrations
Page spread from Tarot features sections titled, "Connect the Cards" and "Draw a Card! Your Guide"
Page spread from Tarot features illustrated sections titled, "III. The Empress" and "IV. The Emperor"
Page spread from Tarot features an illustrated section on Kings
Page spread from Tarot features a section titled, "Getting to Know Your Deck" with places to write

Tarot: A Guide To Understanding Card Meanings And Spreads


Tarot reading is an ancient and powerful divination method that can also be harnessed to explore and deepen your emotional and spiritual life. Through the straightforward and engaging exercises in this workbook, you’ll explore the meanings of the major and minor arcana, methods for understanding the significance of each card in the deck, essential tarot spreads and when to use them, and the ways tarot can help you navigate your life. With real-world exercises and practice readings, reflection prompts, and art activities, all accompanied by full-color illustrations, Tarot is a fun, accessible, and innovative introduction to the cards. Paperback; 168 pages.