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Heavily illustrated cover of The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide
Illustrated page spread from The Astrology of Love & Sex features a chapter on Aries: The Ram represented by a horned femme with one foot propped on the hood of a red sports car surrounded by flames
Page spread from The Astrology of Love & Sex features a section titled, "How Does Compatibility Work?"

The Astrology Of Love And Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide


With unique compatibility profiles matching every sign, as well as a quiz to identify your star match, this book is a fun and comprehensive guide to finding true cosmic love through exploring the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac signs. Written with our contemporary love and dating culture in mind, The Astrology of Love & Sex explores love and lust in today's sexually fluid world with accessibility for beginners and inclusivity for all sexual preferences. From love philosophies to sexual inclinations, readers will enjoy analyzing each passage and understanding their astrological compatibilities. Hardcover; 288 pages.