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The Body Gratitude Deck of Cards box with illustration of a woman in a hat and swimsuit embracing herself
Three sample cards from The Body Gratitude Deck of Cards, the top one of which says, "I trust my body over diet culture."

The Body Gratitude Deck Of Cards: Affirmations To Accept And Celebrate Your Incredible Body


This deck of cards will help kickstart your journey to acceptance and gratitude. With beautiful illustrations, inspiring quotes, and transformative affirmations, Body Gratitude is designed to help us heal and nurture our relationships to our bodies. Each card reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love. It’s time to show your body gratitude for everything it empowers you to do, every day, and celebrate the beautiful scars, wisdom lines, and countless quirks that make it unique. Deck contains 50 cards for self-love and care.