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Light purple cover of The Boob Book with illustrated nipples inside the Os in "Boob"
Page from The Boob Book features an illustrated What's Your Boob Personality? flow chart
Page spread from The Boob Book features sections titled, "Find Your Perfect Fit" and "Check Your Breasts Regularly" with accompanying illustrations

The Boob Book


Featuring 30 types of breasts, The Boob Book is an illustrated celebration of womanhood and the boobs that come with it. Scattered throughout are boob miscellany: a boob personality flow chart, boob facts, boob self-care tips, a roundup of bras, types of nipples, a boob doodle, and illustrated ways we show off the goods. This joyful book features breasts of all colors and sizes—from "The Handful" to "The Mom-To-Be" to "The Small but Mighty"—showing women that every boob type is weird, beautiful, and natural. Hardcover; 112 pages.