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The Modern Nirvana Oracle box with mysterious portrait and prism illustration
Components of The Modern Nirvana Oracle: folding box, guidebook, and three sample cards

The Modern Nirvana Oracle: 50 Cards And Guidebook


Life provides plenty of existential questions, both big and small. As we traverse the mysterious human journey, we often seek external guidance through another person or a medium beyond our own power. But the answers we're looking for actually exist within each of us, and now, through The Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck, we can unlock our inherent power and inner-guidance to achieve clarity and greater self-awareness. A sensory experience inspired by avant-garde '80s fashion, The Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck includes a guidebook and 50 beautifully illustrated cards by renowned artist Natalee Miller inside an elegant, easy-to-travel, metallic gold box with lifting ribbon and a magnetic closure. Each card will provide an inspiring quote, ageless wisdom for our modern lives, breathwork and meditations, and a mantra designed to further activate the intentions within the cards. Let this powerful oracle deck help you to tap into the wisdom and insight that lies within and connect to nirvana in the here and now.