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A pair of open-toe zebra print Pedi-Sox socks on a model's feet
A model wears zebra print Pedi-Sox open-toe socks with toe separators and flip-flops in a spa setting
Pair of Pedi-Sox open-toed socks that resemble a pair of Mary Jane shoes
An adult and child with feet pointing toward each other wear Mary Jane print Pedi-Sox open-toed socks

The Original Pedi-Sox

  • PS Maryjanes
  • PS Zebra

Pamper your feet. Pedi-Sox allow you to wear flip-flops year round, keep feet clean in yoga class, or luxuriate the pedicure experience. A great design for all types of feet and a must-have for wintertime pedicures in colder climates, the Original Pedi-Sox® are great for home, spa, and health use. Heavier-weight, thick cotton blend provides warmth and cushion with a stretchy and solid construction. Machine washable. One size fits all.