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Pack of reusable synthetic strip eyelashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Co. in the style Nancy
Pair of false eyelashes with dense, tapered fibers

The Vintage Cosmetic Co. - Nancy False Strip Lashes


Naturally fuller lashes with Nancy

Who said subtle can’t be fun and fancy? Not Nancy! With a fine band that enhances your lash line, 3/8 inch (10mm) long tapered tips, and an exquisitely wispy texture, these charming fake strips channel lashes of vintage Audrey Hepburn style to artfully accentuate your eyes day and night with natural-looking fullness that really opens those peepers wide. These good gals are even kind to contact lenses!

Each cutely packaged Nancy set contains latex-free lash adhesive, designed to dry as smooth and clear as glass for a seamless, long-lasting finish. And if you show your lashes a bit of love, you can reuse them up to four times.