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Tube and box of Unicorn Snot Bio Glitter Boss Lip Gloss
Model with sparkly lips holds a tube of Unicorn Snot out toward the camera
Closeup of very pink, ultra-shiny lips
Model puckers shiny lips

Unicorn Snot - Glitter Boss Lip Gloss

  • USGB BIO Cosmos
  • USGB BIO Galaxy
  • USGB BIO Nova
  • USGB Disco
  • USGB Flamingo
  • USGB Orchid

Glitter Boss is a high-shine, smooth, non-sticky lip gloss formula with a hint of cake-scented goodness. A single swipe will make bare lips sparkle or add an exciting new dimension to your favorite lip color. Cosmetic-grade glitter. Cruelty-free and vegan.