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2 Ear candles natural soy blend
4 Ear candles natural soy blend

Wally's Natural - Unscented Ear Candles

  • 4 Pack
  • 2 Pack

What Is Ear Candling?
An ear candle is a long thin hollow cone shaped instrument made of cotton muslin that has been dipped and coated with wax. The practice has been around for centuries with origins in ancient China, Egypt, and India. Ear Candles are used to relax and melt away stress and daily frustrations. AS the top of the candle burns, warm air and rhythmic sounds are drawn down through the candle and into the ear creating a tranquil and soothing sensory experience. Relax, unwind, and enjoy the calming effects of Wally’s Natural Ear Candles.

Unbleached cotton muslin, no-drip filter, soy wax, Candelilla wax

What You'll Need:
• A set of Wally’s Ear Candles
• Lighter or match
• Damp towel
• Bowl of water
• Pair of scissors 

How to Use:

1.) It is suggested that you have a friend help you ear candle as it is more relaxing this way.

2.) Prior to Ear Candling make sure to read and understand all instructions and safety warnings that come with the candles.

3.) To start, lay the damp towel over the head and neck of the person to be candled in order to protect from any accidental ash dropping.

4.) Light the larger, easy-to-light end of an ear candle and hold the smaller thinner end to the ear so the tip of the candle rests just inside the ear canal. Wally’s Natural candles feature a no-drip, worry-free filter for the consumer’s safety. This ensures added safety against the chance of wax or other debris falling through the tip of the candle.

5.) Trim the ash or burnt part of the candle approximately every inch or so as the candle burns. Make sure the trimmings go into the bowl of water to ensure they are extinguished immediately.

6.) Do not burn the candle further than the suggested burn line (the candle should not be shorter than 4 inches in length).

7.) If you reach that point or want to extinguish the candle prior to reaching that point, dunk the entire candle, burning end first, into the bowl of water so it is completely submerged.

8.) Relax and enjoy!