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Dark green cover of Weed Witch: The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Magic and Wellness with colorful themed illustrations
Green page spread from Weed Weed features a chapter titled, "Basic Witch" alongside a mysterious monochromatic illustration
Text-heavy page spread from Weed Witch features a section titled, "Wicked High Astrology"

Weed Witch: The Essential Guide To Cannabis For Magic And Wellness


Cannabis and magic are woven together throughout history, and there has never been a better time to embrace your inner Weed Witch. In this comprehensive guide + spellbook, practicing witch and cannabis writer Sophie Saint Thomas explores the beautiful relationship between the two, offering everything you need to use marijuana in all its forms to awaken your inner magic, enhance your practice, care for your body and soul, and reach your highest self. Weed Witch explores the foundations of witchcraft and a complete cannabis rundown so everyone from beginners to experts on both subjects can blend them safely for optimal harmony. In these pages, you'll learn to use weed to magnify and augment your relationship with astrology, tarot, crystals, moon magic, and much more. The book also contains an exhaustive compendium of stoned spells for love and sex, money and work, protection and healing, and of course, fun. Hardcover; 244 pages.