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Predominantly green cover of Blotto Botany: A Lesson in Healing Cordials and Plant Magic accented with floral collage and metallic gold illustrations
Page spread from Blotto Botany features a handwritten Drunk In Love cocktail recipe overtop colorful collage artwork and alongside a photograph of watermelon and other botanicals
Page spread from Blotto Botany features handwritten Lilac Wine and Douglas Fir Tipsy cocktail recipes overtop colorful collage artwork

Blotto Botany: A Lesson In Healing Cordials And Plant Magic


From talented herbalist and writer Spencre McGowan comes this book of cordial recipes that use the power of plants to heal (and also make some delicious cocktails). Blotto Botany was originally a zine that swept the indie circuit, now turned it into a gorgeous full-length book with nods to the original design. Inside, readers and herbalism practitioners will find 40 handwritten cordial recipes organized by season, each with their own healing properties and complemented by eye-catching collage artwork. Soothe Yourself Tonic, for instance, soothes the nerves after a hard day with gentle lemon balm and rose petals. Lovers’ Lip, by contrast, contains stimulating damiana and elderflower, the perfect recipe for “one, two, or few.” Blotto Botany also comes with recipes for medicinal shrubs and syrups, as well as details on plant lore, wild crafting, crystals, and the use of red wine vs. white wine in infusions. The design and package of Blotto Botany also sets it apart as a truly unique work that whispers of homespun plant magic. Hardcover; 128 pages.