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Light pink box of Kitsch Quick-Drying Microfiber Towel Scrunchies with black and white polka dotted fabric partially visible through a teardrop-shaped window in packaging
Model adjusts a microfiber hair scrunchie in a low ponytail
Model wears Palm Leaf print towel scrunchy in a topknot
Two pink Kitsch microfiber hair scrunchies
Two black microfiber Kitsch hair scrunchies
Two leopard print Kitsch microfiber hair scrunchies
Two black and white polkadot Kitsch microfiber hair scrunchies
Two pink and green palm leaf print Kitsch microfiber hair scrunchies
Two blue and orange tie dye Kitsch microfiber hair scrunchies
Set of two microfiber hair scrunchies in muted terracotta solid and muted terracotta and white checker print

Kitsch - Cleanse Ritual 2-Piece Large Microfiber Towel Scrunchies

  • KMTS Eco-Friendly Black
  • KMTS Blush
  • KMTS Leopard Print
  • KMTS Micro Dot
  • KMTS Palm Leaves
  • KMTS Sunset Tie Dye
  • KMTS Terracotta Checker
  • KMTS White

Luxuriously soft Kitsch Cleanse Ritual Microfiber Hair Scrunchies keep your hair up and out of the way after washing while simultaneously absorbing moisture. Scrunchies accommodate all hair lengths and provide comfort during your beauty routine.