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White 1 ounce bottle of K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Molecular Repair Hair Oil with orange cap on an orange background
Bottle of K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil with dropper cap in front is captioned, "One use of Molecular Repair Hair Oil delivers clinically proven damage repair, 24-hour frizz control, 104% more shine, 78% reduction in split ends, 450°F (232°C) heat protection"
Side-by-side comparison of blonde hair before and after K18 routine + oil (K18 Detox Shampoo, Molecular Repair Mask, Oil on damp hair, blow dry, oil on dry hair)

K18 - Molecular Repair Hair Oil


Biotech-engineered, silicone-free, weightless oil works differently by addressing the damage that causes frizz long-term and immediately smoothing frizz and flyaways.

Key Benefits:
• Works at the molecular level to repair damaged hair which is more susceptible to frizz.
• Natural oils work on the surface of the hair to smooth the cuticle and soften without weighing hair down.
• Nourishes and moisturizes hair to reflect higher shine and boost color dimension.
• Delivers heat protection up to 450°F (232°C) to prevent further frizz-causing damage.

Key Ingredients:
• K18PEPTIDE™ reverses damage that causes frizz and promotes long-term strength and smoothness.
• Avocado Oil has one of the highest smoke points, helping to provide 450°F (232°C) heat protection.
• Sunflower Oil, Hemisqualane, and Squalane reinforces hair’s natural moisture barrier for immediate frizz reduction and enhanced shine.

How to Use:
Highly concentrated formula—start with 1-3 drops, build as needed. Use on damp hair for strengthening benefits and frizz reduction during styling or air drying. Use on dry hair as a finisher to smooth frizz and flyaways and add shine. Apply from mid-lengths to ends and wait 4 minutes before styling to get the full strengthening benefits of the K18PEPTIDE™.