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Orange box of On the Mend Mani Makeover by Chillhouse with tools visible through windows in packaging
Contents of the On the Mend kit: blue dual-ended cuticle pushover and orange ombre file
Model demonstrates filing nails with the Chillhouse On the Mend file
Model demonstrates brushing Chillhouse On the Mend serum on nails

Chillhouse - On The Mend: The Instant Mani Makeover


Bring your nails back to life with On the Mend no matter their state. This dual treatment features a crystal nail file to prep, buff, and shape, and a deeply-penetrating restorative nail serum for ultimate nail health. Featuring a nourishing botanical oil blend and vitamin E, this potent formulation seeks to hydrate dry cuticles and restore nail beds to their prime shine. Smells like Pink Grapefruit!

Key Ingredients: 
• Jojoba Seed Oil
• Sunflower Seed Oil
• Apricot Oil
• Vitamin E
• Sea Buckhorn Oil
• Aloe Leaf Extract

How to Use:
Prep, file, and buff nails with the Crystal Nail File. Push and shape cuticles with the rubber tip of the blue tool. Brush on serum with the other end and let sit 2-5 minutes. Massage in any remaining product. Admire.