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Love Rose Quartz necklace on SoulKu product card that says, "May you have all the love you need to live your dreams."
A pink rose quartz point necklace on gold cord rests on a smooth, round, green gemstone surrounded by green leaves
Smiling model wears a rose quartz point necklace with other accessories
Necklace chain extender at the back of a model's neck

SoulKu - Dream Necklace: Rose Quartz For Love


May you have all the love you need to live your dreams

Infused with love to call in and amplify unconditional love in your life, this rose quartz necklace is handcrafted by a community of moms in Asheville, NC.

Additional Features:
• 25mm x 5mm hand-cut faceted rose quartz hexagonal point
• Super strong and durable Mighty Miracle nylon cord
• Sterling silver hardware and 2” chain extender
•16” length; can be adjusted up to 18”
• FSC certified card