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2 ounce black pot of Balm for beards in Spiced Vanilla scent with screw-on lid
Model dips a finger into an opened jar of Balm for beards
Model holding a jar of Balm for beards applies some product to facial hair while looking at a mirror
Model smooths beard with both hands

18.21 Man Made - Beard Balm: Spiced Vanilla


Soft Hold, Low Shine Beard Styling Balm

Spiced Vanilla Beard Balm makes it easy to tame, shape, thicken, and define your beard. This deeply moisturizing blend of exclusive oils provides nourishment to any beard texture, smoothing and softening coarseness and frizz while promoting healthy growth.

High-quality moisturizer.
Specially-formulated men’s beard balm is a highly versatile mix of premium oils, shea butter, and beeswax that helps keep your beard and mustache looking their best regardless of your hair or skin type.

Tame stubborn strands.
Beard styling balm is perfect for coarse, rough, or frizzy beards, giving them a natural finish with a low hold that isn’t too shiny or matte. Your facial hair will be easily smoothed, softened, and tamed.

Encourage growth.
Balm functions as a leave-in beard conditioner that promotes hair follicle health, growth, and thickness. Deeply moisturizing formula penetrates hair and skin for all-day moisture with powerful ingredients that support hair integrity.

Protect the skin.
Your complexion beneath thick beards or facial scruff will also be soothed and nourished. With a light consistency that alleviates any itching, balm also contains astringents and antiseptics that relieve dandruff.

Easy to use.
Simply scoop some out of the jar, apply it to your beard or mustache, damp or dry, then shape hair with your fingers, comb, or brush. Pinch for more precise definition or buff to thicken, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way.

A masculine aroma.
Spiced Vanilla combines coconut, French vanilla, and star anise to evoke the aroma of smoked tobacco and exotic woods.