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2 ounce black pot of hair styling Pomade in Sweet Tobacco scent with screw-on lid
An opened jar of hair styling Pomade rests on a wooden board with men's grooming tools

18.21 Man Made - Hair Pomade: Sweet Tobacco


Medium Hold, High Shine Hair Styling Pomade

Sweet Tobacco styling pomade provides all-day malleability for classic, structured styles like the pompadour—leaving hair soft and touchable with high shine and frizz-free details. Formulated with exclusive oils that harken back to the aroma of Virginia pipe tobacco and the independent spirit of Prohibition-era speakeasy lounges. 

Shape and refine hair.
High-shine pomade is made from a water-soluble blend of wax and elastic fibers that tames texture for both thin and thick hair, letting you refine or separate for frizz-free modern and vintage hairstyles. It is paraben-free and won’t leave a greasy or flaky feel.

All-day, flexible hold.
With a superior formula, this men’s pomade offers a long-lasting medium grip for shaping that provides touchable, malleable control. Strands will not become too stiff, allowing you to restyle your hair throughout the day.

Ideal for smooth, sleek styles.
High-quality pomade works best for short and medium-length hair, and it’s great for straight, wavy, or curly hair. This is the perfect product to achieve classic, structured styles that feature smoothness and high amounts of shine.  

Easy to use.
Pomade easily scoops out of the jar to allow you to comb through hair, increase definition, and mold to your liking. Add more pomade to dry hair to increase grip and shapeable texture. When done, simply rinse out with warm water. To soften the pomade before use, simply add water.

A masculine aroma.
Pomade features ingredients like saffron and dried fruits that mellow to hints of tonka bean, manuka honey, and dark-toned vanilla to create a long-lasting scent reminiscent of sweet tobacco, exotic woods, and a powdery musk.