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10 ounce can of Eighteen 21 Premium Hairspray
Model sitting back on a sofa holds a can of hairspray forward to camera
Model mists hairspray onto hair in front of a mirror

18.21 Man Made - Premium Hairspray: Sweet Tobacco


Flexible Hold, Low Shine Hairspray for Men

Premium, matte-finish hairspray allows you to create a variety of looks that outlast your daily activities and lifestyle. Lightweight yet resilient, it provides texture while controlling and maintaining hairstyles. Frizz and flyaways will be a thing of the past. Mist provides equal, weightless management that protects against humidity without leaving a wet or overly shiny appearance. Paraben-free.

Complements any hair type or style.
Flexible-yet-strong hairspray for men is perfect for all types of hair, whether long or short, curly or straight. It works well on fine, thin hair and is great for creating a variety of looks and styles.

Fast-drying, long-lasting hold.
This spray is best suited for setting and maintaining all-day styles. With high-performance ingredients in a water soluble mixture, hairspray sets quickly and controls frizz and flyaway strands without making hair crunchy.

Natural, touchable locks.
High-density finishing mist creates smooth texture and weightless coverage that leaves a natural, satin-sheen appearance. After everything sets, your hair will still be brushable and soft to the touch.

Protection for your mane.
Layerable hairspray keeps hair from losing structure due to humidity while preventing damage associated with dry climates and duress. Its non-greasy finish prevents unwanted residue and is easy to rinse out.

Professional-grade hairspray.
Suitable for use in salons, barbershops, and boutiques. 

Easy to use:
Hold can 6-9 inches from your hair. Spray the entire surface. If needed, layer more to add hold to your style. Maintain the recommended distance from your hair to avoid a wet or shiny finish.

A masculine aroma.
Hairspray features ingredients like saffron and dried fruits that mellow to hints of tonka bean, manuka honey, and dark-toned vanilla to create a long-lasting scent reminiscent of sweet tobacco, exotic woods, and a powdery musk.