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A pack of Ardell Professional Nail Addict Premium press-on nails shown in various pink patterns and finishes.
An arrangement of patterned. matte, and glittery press-on nails shown with nail file, cuticle stick, and bottle of adhesive.

Ardell - Nail Addict Press-On Nails: Chrome Pink Foil


A minimalistic magenta matte lets rosy-hued reflective chromes, sparkling glitters, and light-catching foils truly shine in this multi-dimensional nail set that will have you feeling pretty, provocative, and PINK.

Kit Includes:
• 24 nails
• Professional nail glue
• Nail file
• Cuticle stick

How to Use:
1.) Clean and lightly buff nail.
2.) Select a nail width that fits your natural nail.
3.) Apply a thin layer of glue to your natural nail.
4.) Place press-on nail overtop and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds.