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Pink manicure set with pouch and file featuring a print of halved avocados with pit faces in various stages of sleepiness also includes pink-handled clipper, cuticle pusher, and scissor
Opened Avocadoze manicure set shows tools secured by black elastic bands
Avocadoze manicure kit pouch on a marble tabletop with mirror, crystal bottle, pink flowers, and rolled gray towel

Avocadoze Manicure Set


This five-piece manicure set features full-color artwork and comes with everything you need for perfectly groomed nails. The zippered travel-size case is made of a water-resistant vegan polyurethane material and holds matching nail clippers, scissors, a cuticle pusher, and an emery board. Keep one in your handbag, overnight bag, or desk drawer.

• Pouch measures 2.9”W x 4.6”H x 0.9”D closed
• Includes four (4) manicure tools
• Closes securely for portability
• Fits in a purse or backpack
• Showcases original artwork