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Purple oven mitt with retro-style illustration of a woman cooking in a kitchen with wine nearby says, "Oops, I'm drunk."
Oven mitt with all-over retro-style illustration of a messy kitchen scene including wine rack, corkscrew, and flowers laying on their side
A colorful "Oops, I'm Drunk" oven mitt lays on a cutting board next to cut greens, lemon wedge, messy whisk, and wine glass
A smiling model wears the Oops, I'm Drunk Oven Mitt in the same hand that's holding a glass of red wine; from the other she pours red wine into a frying pan

Blue Q - Oops, I'm Drunk Oven Mitt


Oops, I'm drunk.

Wanna join me? I promise, the food’s gonna taste wayyyy better this way. Super insulated. 100% cotton.