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Cover of Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft & Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life features a dark vintage-style border with dark pink center accented by mysterious decorative elements and gold lettering
Page spread from Bohemian Magick features an introduction subtitled, "Your life is the greatest spell you will ever cast" alongside a prismatic pyramid illustration
Page spread from Bohemian Magick features a section titled, "How to Write Your Own Spells" alongside a red rose and "Abracadabra" illustration
Page spread from Bohemian Magick features a chapter titled, "Initiation II: We Can Be Heroes" alongside an intricate illustration of a witch surrounded by branches, candles, butterflies, and other flora and fauna
Page spread from Bohemian Magick features a photograph of a charred tree stump littered with a torn-apart note, hammer, and partially burned taper candles

Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft And Secret Spells To Electrify Your Life


In this beguiling guide, author Veronica Varlow, the last daughter in a line of Bohemian witches, weaves together witchcraft knowledge and ancient secret spells with an exotic rock-and-roll magick style that has earned her a devoted following worldwide. Drawings, photography, vintage art, and text written in her own hand round out this sumptuous companion filled with spells for everlasting confidence, radiant self-love, healing, manifesting your dreams, and love with a desired partner. Veronica calls upon the ancient and hidden Czech-Romani magic passed down to from her grandmother Helen's lineage and infuses it with her own signature sorcery to help you awaken and amplify your truest self. Each spell that you cast, each potion that you brew, and each chant you speak into the universe will rouse the most powerful part of your being, the part that inherently knows how incredible and unstoppable you are when you possess the right tools. An enchanting and glamorous handbook for aspiring witches and ritualists of all levels, Bohemian Magick, will help you discover your adventurous side and have more fun than you ever dreamed. Get ready to rise up, call your power back to you, realize your purpose, and make your life story truly legendary! Hardcover; 240 pages.