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Four rolls of breast tape in different flesh tones on block platforms
Four rolls of Scarlett Intimate breast tape in different fleshy tones, each unrolled several inches on a gauzy surface
Illustrated diagram of ways to wear Scarlett Intimate Boob Tape
Roll of Boob Tape in the shade Espresso
Roll of Boob Tape in the shade Latte
Roll of Boob Tape in the shade Milk
Roll of Boob Tape in the shade Mocha

Boob Tape Roll

  • SI Espresso
  • SI Latte
  • SI Milk
  • SI Mocha

Boob Tape is a solution for providing instant lift and sexy cleavage easily without the use of a bra. Boob Tape can lift all breast sizes up to a G cup. Made from a mixture of cotton and nylon with hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive. Boob Tape is easy to use, painless to remove, and 100% waterproof with up to 180% stretch. One roll equals 5 meters of tape, or about 16 feet. Not recommended for use on broken or abraded skin, infected areas, new scars, or very sensitive skin.