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Tumblers with straws in three designs: pink Oh For Fuck's Sake with daisies, olive green "Fuck It" Smileys, and peach rainbow Don't Be a Dick, all on a gold platform against a blue backdrop
Smiling model holds an Oh for Fuck's Sake drink tumbler with lid and straw

Cold Cup

  • Don't Be A Dick
  • Oh For Fuck's Sake
  • Smiley

Wait…do you hear that? Is that…the sound of iced coffee swishing around in a Cold Cup?! Finally, the perfect vessel for your bevvies, including your bedside 3am ice water cravings because these babies keep beverages cool for 8 hours! Their no-sweat design and secure lids also ensure your drink stays safe and sound while on the run, at the gym, on your desk, or in any cupholder. Sip sip, hooray! Cups hold 16 fl. oz. and stand nearly 9” tall including the straw with a slightly tapered 3.5” diameter. BPA-free. Do not freeze or microwave.