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Pink bottle and box of Coola Rewakening Rosewater Mist Face Spray
A model's hand holds and sprays from a bottle of Coola Rewakening Rosewater Mist Face Spray

COOLA - Organic Rewakening Rosewater Mist Face Spray


Give your skin some R&R! COOLA's Damask Rosewater Mist reawakens and rebalances skin while addressing an array of environmental and modern-day aggressors. This multitasking mist features Adaptogenic Ginseng, known to help stimulate fatigued skin, and COOLA's Full Spectrum 360° Complex, which helps combat stressors including digital blue light. An infusion of antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Cucumber helps calm your skin and soothe your senses with a refreshing organic mist-me-up throughout the day.

Who It’s For: Dry, oily, balanced, or combination skin types

Features & Benefits:
• Farm to Face®
• Antioxidant-enriched
• 70%+ certified organic ingredients
• Refreshes and awakens the look of tired skin
• Leaves skin feeling dewy and hydrated
• Helps support skin’s natural protective barrier
• Adaptogenic Ginseng and Green Tea Extract help de-puff, brighten, and rebalance skin
• Cucumber Extract helps calm and soothe skin
• Vitamin-rich Damask Rosewater hydrates and refreshes
• Full Spectrum 360° Complex helps mitigate the effects of blue light, pollutants, and other skin stressors
• pH balanced
• Dermatologist tested
• Non-comedogenic tested
• Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free

How to Use:
Hold 6-10 inches away from face and spritz on any time of day. This product does not contain sunscreen.