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Cover of Cosmic Power features a minimalist radiant sun design and metallic gold title lettering
Page spread from Cosmic Power features a chapter titled, "Cosmic Confidence" alongside minimalist celestial artwork
Page spread from Cosmic Power features a section titled, "Highlights of the Sun" alongside radial yogic positions artwork

Cosmic Power: Ignite Your Light


From the mundane to the mystic, this practical and revealing guide is designed to help you understand your sun sign and release your shine. Cosmic Power reloads the wisdom of the classic astrological signs, explaining why it's important to radiate confidence, the drawbacks to dimming your light and throwing shade, and simple techniques to max out your wattage. This book will illuminate the best path for every aspect of your life, amp up your solar power and ultimately allow you to take cosmic control of the dazzling universe we live in. Hardcover; 192 pages.