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Copper Clean Combs Variety
Copper Clean Comb All Purpose
Copper Clean Comb Conditioning
Copper Clean Comb Dressing

Cricket - Copper Clean Comb

  • All Purpose
  • Conditioning
  • Dressing

Copper properties are known to lessen buildup that hair naturally produces. Copper Clean comb’s copper-infused teeth tip coating helps minimize buildup and promote shine.

The All-Purpose Comb is designed to be used throughout the hairstyling process for thick, curly, long hair as well as short and fine hair.

The Conditioning Comb is designed for mid-length, long, and thick hair.

The Dressing Comb is best for everyday use in finishing styles and touch-up grooming throughout the day.

Features & Benefits:
• Wide tooth side works great to detangle wet hair
• Fine tooth side is ideal for smoothing and finishing
• For use on dry hair—do not use when blow-drying
• For best results, comb through hair 2-3 times per day