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Red, black, and white Delightfully Useless Trivia game box
Game box shown open with two thick decks of cards inside
Four sample cards from the Delightfully Useless Trivia game
Delightfully Useless Trivia game box and cards are staged with broken lightbulbs on an orange and white surface

Delightfully Useless Trivia


Trivia should be fun—not feel like a homework assignment. That's why this Delightfully Useless Trivia set is filled with some of the most pointless knowledge around. You'll choose your questions from a bunch of misleading categories, for example: “Who's the Boss?” (Those are questions about either Tony Danza or the Mafia, by the way.) Includes 200 unique trivia questions to test your random knowledge, each grouped in an entertainingly misleading category. Comes with an instruction sheet that explains three different ways to play (depending on how smart you think you are). Suitable for 2-8+ people.