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White 8.4 ounce bottle of Dermalogica Oil to Foam Total Cleanser with gray cap and lettering
Closeup of golden cleansing oil partially foamed
Model's hand dispenses a stream of Dermalogica Oil to Foam Total Cleanser; in a bubble inset at top right another model's hand holds a square gray Dermalogica cleansing towel
Side-by-side comparison of a model's face under UV light before and after using Dermalogica Oil to Foam Total Cleanser

Dermalogica - Oil To Foam Total Cleanser


Transformative plant-derived prebiotic oil-to-foam cleanser removes makeup, sunscreen, and debris while cleansing in one step for ultra-clean, healthy-looking skin. This dual makeup remover and cleanser starts as a golden gel-oil infused with Sea Buckthorn Oil that, when massaged into skin, melts away layers of makeup, sebum, and sunscreen. A splash of water transforms the gel-oil into a rich cloud-like foam to wash away debris and any remaining impurities, leaving skin feeling instantly softer and smoother. 

Recommended For:
All skin types

Features & Benefits:
• Gel-oil melts away makeup, sebum, and sunscreen
• Rich foam washes away impurities and debris
• Leaves skin feeling ultra-clean and smooth
• Gluten-free and vegan

Key Ingredients:
• Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate provides a deep yet gentle cleanse.
• Sea Buckthorn Oil provides antioxidant-rich vitamin E.
• Plant-Derived Prebiotic attracts moisture to skin.

How to Use:
Slightly dampen face. Massage cleanser over face and (closed) eyes to dissolve surface oil and dirt. Wet hands and continue massaging to create a foam that will wash away makeup, sebum, and sunscreen. Rinse with warm water.