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Two black with purple and blue print Drink is the Answer game boxes stacked one on top of the other with included shot glasses in the foreground
Drink Is the Answer! party game box with four shot glasses
Sample cards from Drink Is the Answer! and half-filled shot glass with numbered blue measurement lines
Sample cards from Drink Is the Answer!

Drink Is The Answer!


Pour Answers. Score Points. Drink Shots!

Pick your poison and pour your answers…. In this party game for drinkers, not thinkers, answer questions by filling shot glasses. Get one right, score a point. Then pick a player to down your drink! Get it wrong and you’re the one knocking it back. First to 10 points WINS in this totally tippling party game for four where you pour to score and drink what you think.

• 180 multiple-choice quiz questions
• Answer by pouring your drink into a shot glass
• Get it right and nominate someone to down it
• Get it wrong and you’ll be the one shooting that shot
• It’s the fun adult party game that gets the laughter flowing like it’s happy hour!