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Red bag of socks folded to resemble "Salty Chips" through window in packaging
Four yellow cloth discs are socks folded to resemble flat potato chips
Red socks with large purple polka dots and yellow bottoms
Model sitting on the floor in a convenience store aisle models a pair of Salty Chips Crew Socks and holds an unopened package in one hand
Model wears a pair of Salty Chips Crew Socks with silver open-toed heels on a city sidewalk with unopened pack of socks in one hand

Eat My Socks - Salty Chips Crew Socks


These fun crew socks, shaped like a bag of potato chips, add a playful crunch to your style with a flavorful twist. One size fits most. Socks are 56.4% cotton, 29.2% polyester, 3.5% elastane, and 10.9% polyamide, and come packaged in a paper box with wood pulp lamination and 100% recycled PET.