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1.7 ounce lime green stick of Fur brand Ingrown Deodorant with black lettering
Fur Ingrown Deodorant stick with cap removed is covered in condensation and staged with flower stalks against a dark green backdrop
Closeup of a Fur Ingrown Deodorant stick being applied to a model's underarm
Smiling model applying Fur Ingrown Deodorant to underarm

Fur - Ingrown Deodorant


No matter how you groom, your underarms deserve better care. This clean, multifunctional deodorant targets ingrown hairs, discoloration, and body odor in one swipe. Whether your underarms are bare, bushy, or somewhere in between, this water-based formula glides over hair and skin without a trace. Gynecologist and dermatologist tested. Free of phthalates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colors and fragrance. Cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Trial Results: In a clinical study…
 91% agreed their underarms felt fresh all day.
• 71% agreed it left skin looking brighter after use.
• 70% agreed it reduced the appearance of ingrown hairs.
• 95% agreed Ingrown Deodorant did not leave white marks or stains on clothing.
• Expert sniffers determined that after 24 hours of wears, underarms remained pleasant to smell.

Key Ingredients:
• A natural form of salicylic acid (a powerful beta hydroxy acid), Willow Bark Extract penetrates deep into underarm hair follicles to prevent and treat ingrown hairs.
• Radish Root Ferment, a probiotic derived from fermented radish root, protects skin against odor-causing bacteria. 
• Skin-brightening agent Niacinamide helps fade underarm discoloration and strengthen skin’s natural barrier, leaving behind more even skin tone.
• Natural essential oils of Sandalwood, Citrus, and Herbs deliver a fresh, green scent reminiscent of bath after a rainfall.

How to Use:
Apply to clean, dry underarms. Reapply as needed depending on physical activity and temperature.