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White 6 ounce bottle of Fur KP Body Scrub with black lettering
Closeup of body scrub with lines raked through
Model dispenses a dollop of Fur KP Body Scrub onto fingertip
Model massages an application of Fur KP Body Scrub into skin
KP Body Scrub vs. Silk Scrub comparison with listed benefits
One-ounce white bottle of Fur KP Body Scrub

Fur - KP Body Scrub

  • 6 oz
  • Travel Size

Target Keratosis Pilaris (or KP), rough patches, and bumps for a total skin overhaul. With 14% alpha-hydroxy acids, this non-stripping, dual-action chemical and physical body scrub combines the benefits of microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation for complete skin resurfacing. Gynecologically tested. Free of phthalates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colors and fragrance. Cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Trial Results: In a clinical study…
• 95% agreed the product improved skin texture.
• 95% agreed the product calmed redness.
• 95% agreed their skin felt hydrated after use.

Key Ingredients:
• Perlite 
is a mineral derived from naturally occurring volcanic rock that acts as a powerful physical exfoliant to buff away roughness and bumps for a microdermabrasion effect. 
• Lactic Acid makes up Fur's 14% active alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). This chemical exfoliant dissolves excess keratin build up in the pores that causes the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris. 
• Licorice Root Extract—derived from the licorice plant—brightens skin discoloration and soothes redness, puffiness, and itchiness.
• Sunflower Seed Oil is a non-comedogenic oil derived from sunflower seeds that is rich in vitamins E, A, and C, which deeply hydrate and protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

How to Use:
In the shower, apply KP Body Scrub in gentle, circular motions on damp skin where keratosis pilaris, bumps, or rough patches occur, such as the back of arms and legs. Rinse and pat dry. Use 2-3 times per week to combat existing skin concerns and to maintain smoother skin over time. For best results, follow with your favorite Fur moisturizer. Please Note: Because of the high percentage of powerful AHAs, this product could be irritating on more delicate facial or pubic skin—for gentler exfoliation that targets ingrowns and can be used by more sensitive skin types, try Silk ScrubTip: Try applying KP Body Scrub before shaving to get a closer, smoother shave, or using it to remove deodorant residue buildup before reapplying.