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GlyMed Plus - Serious Action Masque


For acne-prone and oily skin, Serious Action Masque combines the proven benefits of Salicylic, Glycolic, and Lactic Acids along with the healing properties of ancient herbal remedies and Tea Tree Oil to fight acne deep inside pores. With the addition of Kaolin and Bentonite Clays, this masque purges impurities from the skin and dramatically reduces oil and blemishes.

Skin Types: Normal, combination, and oily

• Dark spots
• Acne
• Pores and texture

Key Benefits:
• Minimizes pores
• Reduces dull and uneven texture
• Clarifies
• Reduces oil

Key Ingredients:
• Salicylic Acid
• Glycolic Acid
• Lactic Acid
• Tea Tree
• Granules
• Kaolin Clay
• Bentonite Clay
• Arnica Montana
• Chamomile

How to Use:
After cleansing, apply masque to face and allow to sit 10-15 minutes. Remove with tepid water. Use 2-3 times per week.