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Dark reddish purple marble-effect cover of Goddess Magic: A Handbook of Spells, Charms, and Rituals Divine in Origin by Aurora Kane features gold lettering and design elements
Page spread from Goddess Magic features sections on Creating Your Goddess Altar and What to Place on Your Altar
Page spread from Goddess Magic features a section on Working With Goddess Energy

Goddess Magic: A Handbook Of Spells, Charms, And Rituals Divine In Origin


Connect with your spiritual heritage and tap into the powers of your ancestors and all the mystical beings around you. Goddesses both new and old will lend their powers to those who seek their favor. Goddess Magic helps you channel divine power while also helping you find your patron deity of choice. This beautiful handbook contains well-known goddesses from the ancient world famously claimed by witches throughout the ages as well as other, less common ones, like catholic patron saints, around whom specific spells and rituals have grown. Each goddess rules over her domain, protecting and inspiring those who seek her favor with traditional rituals and spells praising her. Her symbols, favorite offerings, and favored forms of worship are all explained in the same illustrated and informative way as the previous books in the series. Hardcover; 192 pages.