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Good Dye Young - Hair Lightening Kit


This Hair Lightening Kit is exactly what you need to bleach hair to that perfect white canvas and open the cuticle so hair can properly receive ultra-vibrant Semi-Permanent pigmentsKit includes 1.34 oz. Dust-Free Powder Lightener and 4 oz. 25 Volume Cream Developer, which is gentle enough for light brown hair but powerful enough to lighten darker hair as well. Formulated with Coconut Oil to condition and Soy Protein to protect and strengthen hair during the lightening process. Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free.

How to Use:

Lightening your hair will give the most vibrant results from your GDY Semi-Permanent Dye.

Creating the lightening mix is easy! Simply combine one bottle of the Creme Developer with one packet of Powder Lightener in a non-metallic bowl till it's a creamy consistency.

A strand test is recommended before full application.

1. Hair should be dry and it’s best if hair is unwashed.
2. Section your hair and apply the lightening mixture with a gloved hand or brush. (TIPS: saturate the hair and cover it when you finish to keep the Lightener from drying out. When it dries, it stops working. Protect your skin from irritation by applying shea butter, coconut oil or thick hair conditioner to your hairline and over the ears.)
3. Let your hair process for no more than 50 minutes, until you achieve the desired tone. Check consistently (every 5-10 minutes) to evaluate the color lift.
4. After you achieve the desired result, rinse and shampoo your hair thoroughly with warm water until you are sure all of the product is removed. Do NOT condition the hair, as your Semi-Permanent Dye will act like your conditioner when you apply.
5. Wait at least 24 hours before any further lightening.
6. Before coloring with GDY Semi-Permanent Dye, make sure hair is totally dry. When it is, you’re ready for color!


To ensure even lift, each hair strand needs to be generously covered in lightener. Saturation is key!

• The amount of Lightening Kits you will need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Pixie cuts and men's cuts typically only need 1 box, shoulder length hair typically needs 2-3, medium length hair 3-5, and long hair can be 5+. Remember, it is always better to have more product than not enough!

• Only want to lighten a small section of your hair? You don’t have to mix the entire Lightening Kit at once. It’s okay to eyeball the powder to developer ratio (1 part powder to 2 parts developer) as long as the consistency isn’t too runny or too thick, it will work just fine. Save the rest for another dye job!

• When lightening hair, save about an inch of your roots for last. The heat from your scalp causes lightener to work faster and will lift your roots quicker than the rest of your hair. This will ensure even lift.

• Lightener can dry out, so after it is applied put a processing cap or foil over the hair.

• Some itching and slight burning is normal, but if the lightener starts to become painful on the scalp you should rinse it out immediately.

• Do not wash your hair directly before you lighten. The natural oils in your hair help protect your scalp from the lightener.

• The scalp is more sensitive when it is that time of the month, so save yourself some pain and don’t lighten your hair while on your menstrual cycle.

• Before applying a semi-permanent dye, you may need to tone your newly lightened hair. If you don’t, the underlying tones in your hair will mix with the semi-permanent color potentially creating an unwanted shade. If your hair lifts more orange, use a blue based (ash) toner. If it lifts yellow, use a purple based toner. This will neutralize the unwanted tones and create a natural blonde base for your semi-permanent color.