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Rectangular sticker with rounded corners features an illustration of a fluffy cat wearing a bonnet with red strings tied in a bow under its chin and small round spectacles under the words, "Granny Energy" in pink lettering
Model's hand holds a Granny Energy cat sticker in front of a pile of others like it in the background

Granny Energy Cat Sticker


The perfect sticker for all of us bringing BGE (Big Granny Energy) to our daily lives. Puzzles, crochet, in bed by 9pm, cozy slippers…. We can’t party like it’s 1999 forever, y’all. Featuring a cute little grandma kitty in glasses and a bonnet who is ready for warm milk and a weighted blanket. Vintage vibes for your retro-loving heart! High-quality, all-weather vinyl sticker measures 3” long and can be stuck anywhere indoors or outdoors.